Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Weekend!

So sorry for the delay with the graduation weekend pictures. I am typing this from the comfort of my bed because it seems I caught whatever wretched sickness the beebs had early this week. I don't know why she always comes back from Amarillo with a cold. Maybe all the kissing/hugging from family, lack of sleep or change of climate. Anyway, she was sick with snot and fever, but seems to have bounced back pretty fast. Sweet Barry is home from work today to take care of Avery while I recover.

Have you ever seen a cuter beebs?

Caroline is a such a poser! It is impossible to take a candid shot.

AV had fun with everybody...such a sweet little girl.

Cool guy at his graduation party.

This is why we MUST buy a house! She loves the grass.

Discussing life with Noog.

Two of the bros.


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