Monday, May 25, 2009

Cows, Fire Ants, & 4-Wheelers!

What a big weekend for the sweet pea! She stayed with a sitter for the first time Saturday night and Barry and I ate at Cheesecake Factory in peace and quiet. Everyone had a lovely time. Thanks Heather! Then, we took Avery to my Aunt & Uncle's ranch for the first time on Sunday. There is nothing better than the smell of cows, green grass and 4-wheeler exhaust. Avery saw cows, cats, dogs, a horse and catfish. (Sadly, she did not see a hog for her Daddy to shoot.) She ate cherries for the first time. And let's not forget....her 1st 4-wheeler ride! I, for the second time this month, found fire ants and my toes are swollen. A good time was had by all.


Her 1st meeting with a cow was cut short.
Barry was quite sure the feisty cow was going to ram us.


She seemed to enjoy her first 4-wheeler ride.

This is her investigator face.....not sure about the catfish.

Fun with Daddy!
(Notice his full holster...such a rugged hunter.)


Marc and Laura Rose said...

Oh my goodness, that pink hat is too cute! It was so good to see you and sweet Avery today!

Mandi said...

Is Avery saying "vroom, vroom!"??? She is such a personality!