Wednesday, June 24, 2009

House Hunting Headache

We've been busy around here. This weekend we attended a reunion at our midwife's birth center and the rest of the weekend was spent contemplating the purchase of a VA foreclosure we like. After inspection, we learned that the plumbing needs to be replaced. Not a huge deal if you have $5,000 sitting in your bank account for house repairs. We do not, so we're moving on.

Barry's first Father's Day wasn't exactly what I pictured....spending the afternoon in a hot, empty house and picking up a burger isn't nearly as fun as golfing. But when I apologized for his sabotaged day, he told me about an ESPN poll that revealed most men don't even care about Father's Day. I guess that was his way of saying he wasn't devastated.

Avery looking crushed after learning about the plumbing.
She badly wanted to have this grass for her own.

Posing with our midwife at the reunion.

There is a lot more of this going on around here! Our big girl is very close to walking!


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Marc and Laura Rose said...

Sorry to hear about the house...what a bummer. That sweet girl of yours gets more beautiful every time I see her! I can't believe she's almost 1!