Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy First Birthday Sweet Avery!

One year ago today, I experienced two of life's greatest events......the process of labor and birth & the blessing of a daughter. Both of these events proved to me without a doubt that God is faithful.

I was unable to accept the old "a healthy baby is all that matters" line. I wanted to enjoy it and really be present in all the moments. I wanted it to be a defining event that would change my view of being a woman, wife and mother. It certainly has. Mostly importantly, I believe that my labor and birth set the stage for me to confidently nurture my daughter in her first year of life.

And wow, what a blessing it is to have a daughter! Sometimes I watch her dancing awkwardly or pointing excitedly at a kitty and I know that children are truly a gift from the Lord. I could go on forever about how being a mother has made my life joyful and full...but I won't. It is simply life-changing.

Barry said it perfectly a couple of nights ago as he watched Avery frolicking around the house.

B: Mama?
W: Yeah.
B: I love that baby.
W: Me too.

(Quit making fun of us....just admit that you call your spouse Daddy or Mama.)

Let's take a few minutes to stroll down memory lane. Click here.

Sweet Fresh Avery Then

Big Girl Avery Now


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