Thursday, July 23, 2009

House Talk & Party Planning

We officially have an executed contract and are past the option period. I spent the day yesterday trying to agree with the sellers about minor repairs, but in the end, I gave up and settled. They are fixing 2 out of 11 repairs; happily, all 11 were deemed "no big thing" by my Dad. Now we must get our financing organized and await FHA appraisal. I have learned many things during this process.

#1 - Some real estate agents are lazy and ALL of them rely too heavily on technology. Agents aren't trying to find you a perfect home.....they instead set you up on an MLS search engine and ask YOU how the house hunting is going.

#2 - Every real estate market is different. One should never watch Nightly News with Brian Williams and assume sellers will be begging you to buy their house. We have been competing with other buyers in a fast moving market for the last 3 months.

#3 - Always buy a home before the baby is born. Always.

#4 - Sellers get weird. They've poured time and money into their home and regardless of the fact that they put it on the market, they're unhealthily attached and on the defensive. If you ask them to put a new pan under the water heater, they will resort to threats and gnashing of teeth.

#5 - The whole process is clouded with mistrust. The seller is like a rattlesnake....the constant, irritated rattle in your ear warning you of a strike if you say anything they don't like.

On the whole, I'm very excited. I am ready for change and a new space. I find myself bored with this apartment and our routine. This house will provide me with a multitude of projects.


The cake is planned. The balloons have been ordered. The peeps will arrive Friday. Such excitment when Rooster turns 1!

The cashier at Wal-mart said I was "gettin' all professional" when she saw my cake decorating items. Damn right sister!


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