Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Tidbits

Sweet Beebs has had a rough couple of weeks. She has been sick AND had molars erupt, making her a grumpy girl. But, she is feeling better and we had a photo shoot to show off her teeth.

She LOVES her picture of Sam.
She has her own collection of family photos to keep with her toys.

Uncle Nick and Natasha came to visit last weekend and she couldn't take her eyes off Nick, especially while he was getting his hair cut.

Avery has become quite the climber in her old age. Here she is scaling the rug I found for $40 at an estate sale! Our new house is all hardwood, so this will go in the living room. And yes, I am ashamed of all those Pampers boxes, I have been so lazy when it comes to diapers in the last 2 months. I simply don't want to wash cloth diapers at the moment. Confessions of a real stay-at-home mom.

I can't even tell you how much Avery loves her Daddy. It brings such joy to my heart to see her follow him around the house every Saturday and Sunday. He has been so good at letting her "help" with projects. Here she is caulking the living room. We have to paint our apartment back to white before me move out, which I think is ridiculous.

Speaking of Daddy-love, this was her face when he left the table to go to the bathroom at breakfast Saturday morning. This is her face every morning when he goes to work. We had family pictures done right before this and I can't wait to share them with you. Click here for a sneak peek!


*We close on our new house in 8 days and actually move in at the end of September. I'm so excited and a little overwhelmed when I think about the logistics with a very active toddler, but we'll manage.

*Barry celebrated his 29th birthday Friday. We had some Japanese food, cookies and Avery gifted him a new razor.

*Amarillo for Labor Day!

That's all for now. My throat is scratchy and I'm on the edge of the sickness cliff. Off to bed.


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Mandi said...

What a SAD face! Oh, they break our hearts, don't they?