Thursday, September 10, 2009

SLK - "Stupid Little Kitty"

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,

I haven't been around much in the last week, mostly because life has been boring. Nothing to report. But that all changed yesterday.

I was running errands yesterday when Avery fell asleep, so I parked in my favorite bowling alley parking lot near the house and pulled out my library book. I never, never, never wake Avery from a nap. Never. I was surprised to see a kitty lounging by the curb. An ugly, malnourished, still-needs-to-be-nursing kitty.

I called every rescue shelter I could find and none of them would take the cat. The "pound" told me they would euthanize it immediately. Why would I want to capture the cat, get clawed and drive it to them just to have it killed? I pondered bringing it home, but I'm a people-before -animals kind of girl and at least two of the people in my family don't want a kitty in the apartment. Besides, I think Stupid Little Kitty (my affectionate name for him/her) might be host to an army of flesh-eating fleas.

So, I did what anyone would do. I posted a heart wrenching tale on Craig's List in the pet section and had no less than 7 replies in 12 hours. Women wanting to take the kitty, send money to pay the vet bills and one chick who told me I should have taken it to the pound rather than leave it to starve or be run over. I arranged to meet a woman at the bowling alley to capture it this morning. I had fed and watered it so I assumed it would stay put.

I was wrong. This woman drove from Burleson to Arlington and almost cried when we arrived and the kitty was gone. I felt bad for the woman and promised her I would drive by on my way home later in the afternoon. I was mad at SLK for taking so much time out of my life and then running off when I found him/her a nice lady. That was 10AM.

At 3PM I drive by the bowling alley and guess who I see lounging by the curb. Yep. Stupid Little Kitty! I called the woman and she was on her way back to Arlington. SLK wasn't too excited about being captured and hid in a discarded piece of PVC pipe nearby. Barry was a tough guy and lifted one end to flush SLK out. I was on the waiting end and grabbed SLK, threw him in a box and shut the lid before he could claw me. He didn't even fight.

We brought him home for an hour or so before Burleson woman arrived and took him away to live with 5,765 more cats that I'm convinced she owns.

I'm done with creatures for awhile.

In other news, Avery loves spaghetti.

She also loves playing with things that can injure her.

And LOVES typing like Mama.

Oh, and don't forget the ducks.
Loves to feed the ducks.


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