Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Sweet Beebs – An Update

Sweet Avery

She is full of spunk and a learning machine! She loves to help her Daddy in the garage and pose dramatically when I get the camera out. I call her a “lion head” when her hair gets out of control. Her little mind is a sponge and I’m learning the hard way that she is watching my every move. Just last week I was trying to rock Henry to sleep and she was being so wild. She was squeaking, screeching and running around getting Henry wound up too. I lost my patience and said “Avery! Shut your mouth, sit down and be still while I rock your brother.” She obeyed and I felt bad for being so grumpy. I apologized for yelling and went about our day. Fast forward to this week. I’m on the phone and she wants my attention so can you guess what she said? “Mama, shut the mouth!” The next day she heard the dog in our neighborhood barking, “SHHH dog! Shut the mouth!” We’re working to correct my error. I’ve decided that any bad behavior you see in your child can usually be traced back to you. Bummer.

She loves, loves, loves to read. I mean LOVES to read. I couldn’t be happier. Pappy’s bookshelf is overflowing and I think we’re going to need another one soon. Her memory is what amazes me. She can read the books to us from memory. Not just a word, but all the words on the page. She knows all her primary colors and is pretty good at counting to 10.

The latest and most AMAZING developments came last week. She is no longer being rocked to sleep for her nap. She simply goes to her bed, I tuck her in and she says “Night Mama” and she sleeps for 1-2 hours. And the other development? SHE IS USING THE POTTY AND WEARING PANTIES! After our completely ridiculous failure in the potty training department in June, I was sure my child would be in a diaper until her 5th birthday because I traumatized her. But all of a sudden, she asked to put panties on and has been having great success. Sweet Avery is turning into a very big girl.



She has a pretty active social calendar.


All that playing under our pecan tree leaves her feet stained with pecan juice.


Sweet Henry

He is truly a Sweet Henry. Always smiling, laughing and making eyes at his Mama. He sleeps well at night and at the very least, I get 4-5 hours of solid sleep every night, so I’m a happy woman. I can’t believe that it’s possible, but he is already teething. He loves his sister and talks to her while he rolls around the living room. Yep, he is rolling over and over and over already! Henry is big, heavy and very active. I learned another hard lesson last week. My 3-month-old boy pushed past two big pillows during his nap and fell off my bed and onto the hardwood floor. He screamed for five minutes and then fell asleep on my chest. I panicked about him having a concussion, but we saw our chiropractor and he just had a bump on his head and is perfectly fine. I joke about him being a champion wrestler, but I really think he might be practicing already! Here’s the proof:

Every time I try to change his diaper!


I put this kitty on top of him and he immediately pinned him.


DSC05574 DSC05576


DSC05585 DSC05567

Love my Sweet Beebs!


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lsprad said...

Awesome!! Avery cracks me up!! Why do I feel our first borns are gonna be our pay back? ( our moms are laughing right now and secretly saying thank you jesus for payback!!) HA!