Monday, November 8, 2010

My Little Piece-uh-Gum & Farmer

Avery is sometimes over-the-top dramatic sensitive, so when I started thinking about costumes, I quickly ruled out anything with headgear, bulky fabric, strings, or accessories other than her candy bucket. No Princess Leia with cinnamon buns on her ears for me. My strategy was to create a costume reflecting her interests without spending much money. That is how my Sweet Avery became a Fruity Piece-uh-Gum. She loves gum and often demands in an odd, low voice a “PIECE-uh-GUM!” Strawberry is her favorite. Are you wondering why my 2-year-old chews gum at all? Ask her Daddy.

Sweet Henry was supposed to be a pumpkin, but it was way too hot for his hand-me-down costume. I improvised at the last minute and made him a vegetable farmer. Overalls, eyeliner freckles and two of his Under The Nile organic toys (Asparaguy & Cornius Cobius) and he was ready to go!

We went to a trunk or treat festival at a local church and had a good time!

DSC05789 DSC05816DSC05787DSC05841 DSC05848 DSC05842 DSC05838 Me & Kids




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