Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bluebonnet Beebs 2011

We had our annual bluebonnet shoot last week and it was perfect! Sadly, the bluebonnets this year are not as abundant or brilliant in color. The experts say it is due to little rain and hot conditions. Nonetheless, we found a tiny field very near our house off a busy street next to an icky gas station. Some homeless folks live under a tree in this field just to the left of the photos. So sad. As you’ll see, my beebs are just the cutest children alive. Avery is an old pro and Henry’s first year was a huge success! I plan to drag my children to a field every spring until they leave my home….maybe even longer. Click here to see Avery’s first year and here for her second year!

DSC06746 DSC06750 DSC06753

DSC06755DSC06758DSC06762 DSC06778DSC06782DSC06792DSC06789DSC06795DSC06798DSC06800

~My Favorites~



DSC06760 DSC06763DSC06764 DSC06768 DSC06769 DSC06779 DSC06797 DSC06771


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Mandi said...

Wonderful photos! Their pretty blue eyes just blend right in with the bluebonnets!!