Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Rangers Game for the Sweet Beebs!

Barry was given some tickets for an office suite at a Rangers game a couple of weeks ago. I think I saw 25 seconds of the game……the rest of my time was spent chasing children and sweating. Everyone in the suite hung out on couches and watched the game on several televisions. Weird, isn’t it? To come to the game and watch it on the TV while the real deal is right behind the couch. It was a fun little outing, but I think we’ll hire a babysitter next time.

P.S. Henry Boy is hitting. Yep, my 13 month old baby is hitting, scowling and using random objects in the house as weapons! There were several other children in the suite. Henry punched a 7 year old and growled. Then the kid came to me to “tell” on him. I called him a wimp in my head.

DSC07850 DSC07851 DSC07852 DSC07857 DSC07858 DSC07860


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