Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amarillo Trip & The FAIR!

We hadn’t been to Amarillo since Christmas so our visit was long overdue. It was busy and hectic as usual, but we enjoyed seeing family. Poor Henry Boy got exhausted and has been fighting a bug with a fierce fever for three days. Poor Barry skipped his fishing trip so we could bring him home a day early. The boys got the short end of the stick this trip.


DSC07947 DSC07949

Henry playing at Kiki’s feet while she cooked. DSC07965

My lovely piano player. DSC07954DSC07967

Brownie batter with Aunt Jules.


We decided to enjoy the fair of our youth this year. Small and just as I remember it.


Pig races! DSC07979 DSC07987

So proud of her! Usually timid, but not this night.  DSC07991

Fried pickles!  DSC08024 DSC08027DSC08004DSC07996 DSC08000

“I want to ride the motorcycles!”


Or not….they were super fast and it scared her to death.

I promise I didn’t let her see me laughing. The nice man by Barry stopped it quickly!


Taking photos (coming soon) with her new-to-her digital camera. A gift from Pappy.

DSC07973 DSC07977

The Bengal Tiger


Henry trying to punch the goat.  DSC07993 DSC08013 DSC08017  She tries to protect him.

DSC07994 DSC07998 DSC08002

Fair Family 2011


Fair Family 2010


We skipped 2009  - Just bought the house - too busy!

Fair Family 2008


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