Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet Esther - “Our Little Girl”

That’s what Avery calls her – our little girl. A couple of months ago, in the midst of griping, complaining, whining and plotting to dominate our student loan debt, we decided to add one more bill to the list. Seems odd since we’re trying to get RID of obligations. But a funny thing happens when you study your finances, look around your house, and wave to your husband as he heads off to his second job. You realize how blessed you are. We sponsored a little girl named Esther through Compassion.

Barry makes FOUR times her average MONTHLY income in ONE DAY at his second job.


We send $38 a month. She lives in Nicaragua. That much money provides medical checkups, hygiene/health education, school supplies, clothes, shoes, tutoring, special celebrations and nutritious food. She attends Bible classes at a Compassion sponsored center because of our $38 a month. Avery likes to pray for her to be safe from jungle creatures like leopards, lions and snakes. I haven’t received a letter from Esther yet, but I did get a letter from her pastor last month, telling us about how her community is plagued by unemployment and illness. You can upload photos and email your child or send handwritten letter with actual photos. All up to you.

You should sponsor a child too. You can afford it.

Watch this family as they find out they have a sponsor through Compassion.


Read about Compassion’s financial integrity here.  


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