Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whittney = Curves

We went to the State Fair of Texas last weekend........I have to admit that I prefer the small feel of the Amarillo fair better. The State Fair is too modern. Two years ago I ordered a steak on a stick and it was served with a fork on a bed of rice. And who in their right mind eats a deep fried Cosmopolitan? But, it is entertaining to watch the gangsters make out and I do enjoy the Ferris wheel. After stuffing ourselves with a corn dog, chicken-on-a-stick, corn, deep fried banana pudding and about 12 Cokes, we walked the Midway. Barry doesn't do rides. Doesn't see the point of freaking himself out, so I settled for a game of "Guess My Weight."

"Guess My Weight" is exactly that.....Mr. Fair Dude has to guess my weight within 3 pounds. If he miscalculates, I get to choose a stuffed animal. I watched him accurately guess the weight of 3 other people, including the drunk guy who felt the need to dance for Mr. Fair Dude. It was my turn after that. He examined me for a bit and I turned around and removed my sweater from around my waist. I knew I would win. Everybody underestimates my weight.....I don't really get it, but it has always been that way.

So, much to my dismay, Mr. Fair Dude guesses 138! Whatever! I step on the scale........131! I had defeated the game, but I apparently look 10 pounds heavier than I am! I didn't care, as long as I got my stuffed Rhinoceros.

As I stepped down to claim my prize, he looked at me with a concerned face. He then says:

"I guess I got lost in all those curves."

Thanks, Mr. Fair Dude.


meeks said...

I'm lovin the blog site! Thanks for the laughs guys!


Whittney said...

Glad to be of service Mike!