Thursday, February 14, 2008

Helpful start the day off right.

Hello all. I know I have neglected my blogging duties. least the duties my wife signs me up for about every two months. For real though, things are going great for Whitt and me recently. Where do I start? Here is a quick list of the things I am pretty excited about. (1) As you know, we are expecting a little girl around July 20th.......well that is at least what the chinese calendar said. They are right 80% of the time. (2) My dad has pretty much given up drinking. (3) My best friend is getting married in a few months to someone far better than what I ever expected him to grab. (4) My brother in law is going to the state wrestling tournament in Austin next weekend. (5) My favorite and closest cousin is coming down here in March to spend the weekend and (6) I feel news regarding a new nephew/niece is coming around the corner any minute. I have a lot to be thankful for. I tend to forget the positive things I have and I don't think I am alone in saying, good mood or not...............Monday mornings blow. Well after years of what has seemed to me as thousands of lame, tired, overall thumbs down Monday mornings.........I have figured out a way to make it 14.78 times better. You guessed it: WASH YOUR CAR. I enjoy washing my car and on a pretty Sunday afternoon, I find it very relaxing to wash and towel dry (prevents water marks) our cars. It gets me outdoors, it's cheap and the end result, until it rains again, is beautiful. Am I alone here? Quick story on why I am thinking on this: We had to get one of our cars repaired a few days ago. I was driving a little, rented, silver Ford Focus (Whittney told me I looked gay in it.......great boost to my self-esteem). Love you too dear. I get up really early and drive to work in the dark usually. A couple of mornings ago, I was not having a good day. I spilled coffee, McDonalds took too long, I woke up late and my hair wasn't doing what I needed it to do. I knew I had a huge day ahead of me and I was not looking on the bright side of things at all. Like I said, it was dark outside. It was misting lightly and the day before, it was really windy. Mud was forming on the windshield and I needed the washer fluid fast. So I begin the search. I didn't start off patient so after about 20 seconds, I was pissed. I couldn't find it. I couldn't see anything......4 letter words were flyin' all over the place. Up, down, push, pull on every gadget possible in that gay little car. I turned on every possible switch in the car and couldn't make the washer fluid happen. I pulled over. Threw it into park. Mad at the car, the day and the world. Finally, I don't know what I did but something happened and the washer fluid gushed out.....the washers start flying and I couldn't believe the perfect view I was parked in front of............the side of an apartment building I pass every day. The washer fluid did such a good job on that gay little car, my day had taken a turn for the better. Nothing was blocking my view. The windshield looked like it had been professionally cleaned (they were new blades) and I could see every light, color, window reflection, brick detail and leaf on the ground. I couldn't believe that something as simple as a clean windshield could have such a positive effect on my mood. Honestly, do you think I read too many Psychology books in school? Maybe....... but just try it..................wash your car, vacuum it out and make sure to take glass cleaner and newspaper to your windsheld and side windows. Your outlook on life on a Monday morning will be so much better. Oh yeah, put a Bounce sheet under your seat too just to add to the ambiance. Side note: Shea just clean your visor buddy. Take care all. Happy Mondays.


Sarah said...

Barry - you crack me up dude! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

N.B. you are a fucken beauty! Thanks for giving me a laugh on my b-day


Anonymous said...

I am now up to date on the blog readings and LOVE your philosphy of cleaning something as simple as your car to give you some positive energy for Monday mornings! You are right! Not to mention, you crack me up! Love you! Jules