Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Review - Sweet Potatoes & A Slide

First, Avery woke up and played with Daddy.

Then we went to the mall and Avery wore her Valentine's Day outfit a little early.

We took a walk at River Legacy park and Daddy took AV on the slide.
She thought it was pretty cool....

Avery has crossed into the land of big people food. While it may not seem like a big deal, I think it is a HUGE deal. Not only because my little baby is getting TOO BIG, but because Barry and I have the huge responsibility of feeding her properly. We decided to skip the traditional rice cereal in favor of veggies and fruit for her first tastes. I vow to shelter her from Poptarts, Fruity Pebbles, McDonald's and Coke for as long as humanly possible!

Her are the sweet potatoes..lovingly prepared by ME.

Avery shutters, puckers her lips and closes her eyes very dramatically with every bite.

I let her play with her food while Barry frowned at the mess.

Daddy got her fresh and clean after dinner.....SO SWEET!
*Check out those tiny scissors!



Tabitha said...

Cade's favorite veggies were sweet potatoes and squash. She is getting so big.

Mandi said...

We're right on the same page! Noa ate (I use the term loosely) avocado for dinner tonight. Soooo much fun! Avery has some righteous bed-head, btw.

lsprad said...

I do believe Miss Avery is starting to get some Chubb going on...woo, hoo Avery---we love baby fat!!