Monday, April 26, 2010

Special Adventure #1

I decided to plan some special adventures for Avery in the next couple of months before the boy beebs arrives to really enjoy our family of 3. The zoo was first on the list because I am not walking around that place in the June heat with this load. We made a big fuss of elephants and monkeys all morning and she was so excited to get there. The weather was cool and perfect.

Feeding the crazy swooping birds.
NOT my favorite part of the day.

Posing with the lion.
(He's on the ledge.)

She was running up and down trying to follow the tiger.
He was pacing in misery and hating humans.

Close up with these little buddies.

Remember this picture?
37 weeks pregnant with Avery!

Same spot almost 2 years later.

Excitement and pointing all day.

And here's a fun video of Avery trying to find the elephants.
She and Barry love making elephant noises at home.
Such a sweet kid!




Mandi said...

Sweet indeed! What lovely pictures, W. You guys look wonderful...

Mommypotamus said...

Her laugh in that video is just precious! I love that photo of her pointing at the parakeet and the ones of you two years ago and today in the same spot. Glad you are making wonderful memories!

Whittney said...

Thanks guys! I am trying to enjoy the moments with her....ready to meet this little man too!