Thursday, May 13, 2010

NOT Amarillo Pictures

I thought I would be uploading pictures from our trip to Amarillo. Fun with family, a graduation ceremony and night out with Barry, but sadly we skipped the trip because both Barry and Avery were sick. I haven't been home since Christmas so I was really bummed, but a grumpy toddler (and husband) in the car for 6 hours is bad news. So, here are some random pictures of our boring week here in Arlington.

*If you're wondering, my immune system fought hard for 7 days against this evil bug and then gave up. I am now coughing and hacking with my large belly. Not a pretty thing.

The feverish girl watching cartoons and eating "pop."



Her normal "squat and pose" move.

She loves the baby.
Kisses at 32 weeks.



Hannah said...

Lovin that cute ponytail!!

So sorry you have felt crappy, hope it ends very soon! Boo to not getting to go see family too.

Mandi said...

Oooooh, SO PRECIOUS!!!

Mommypotamus said...

Love that ponytail and the belly kiss is precious!