Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barry Turns 30 & Henry’s First Amarillo Visit!

We had a fabulous trip to Amarillo to celebrate Barry’s 30th birthday and introduce Henry to more family members and Amarillo. The kids were so good on the drive; we made it in under 6 hours!  We had a big cookout, the men spent Sunday fishing, I shopped around town with Jules, Kiki and Henry, we ate Buns over Texas and just hung out. We visited with family I hadn’t seen in a long time. The only people missing were Mom, Marc & Samuel. They were missed. I’m no Marc (he takes all the pictures at our events) but I did take a “few.” Special thanks to my Dad & Jake for hosting/cooking for Barry’s birthday bash.

These are some of my favorites.






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Memom working her magic on Henry, Ty smoking a cigar, Jake cooking some meat and Barry’s cake, which features a picture of him holding a gun and tackle box in his youth!


“Barry, we have to make it to the rest stop to get the same pictures we got with Avery!”


                        Labor Day 2010                                                                          Labor Day 2008

DSC05309 DSC01062

You can read about our Labor Day 2008 trip here.

Happy Wednesday!


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