Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Life in Bullets

I'm playing a little blog game with Lesley and Meredith tonight! Play with us!

-My Life in Bullets-

~ I ate organic ketchup with my McDonald's fries today. How ridiculous is that?!?!

~ I chopped half of Henry's finger off with the clippers and made him cry. The only other time I've heard him cry like that was when Avery smashed one of her toys in his face. Poor boy.

~ I really need to try to potty train Avery again, but I'm still irritated at myself about the last attempt. I make excuses like "I'm too busy with Henry" and "Avery just isn't ready" but really I'm lazy and I dread it like a plague of locusts.

~ I locked my keys in the trunk of my car today and had to leave my children with my Bible study gals to drive across DFW to get Barry's key. The kids were worn out by the time we got home.

~ Barry scored a free ticket to the Dallas vs. Detroit football game in November. I'm happy he gets to do man stuff.

~ I'm ashamed to admit I got a $75 ticket in the mail today for running a red light. It is not in the budget and I'm grumpy about it.

~ I often have to entertain a toddler while I nurse a baby. Here is the proof.

~ Speaking of my mailbox, where are your donations to Team Heather?!?! Just a quick reminder!

~ Avery likes two songs on my new Wow Worship CD......."Holy, Holy Mama yeah!" and "Mighty to Save Mama yeah!" Anything else and she says "No like Mama."

~ I purchased half of my Christmas list yesterday from the convenience of my home. Thank you Lord for my laptop.

~ Henry is a BIG MAN. He rolled over twice today and started laughing (serious belly laughs!) for the first time when I tickled him tonight. I'm trying to ignore the drool that appeared a few days ago, but I suspect teething is right around the corner. I'm prepared this time with my amber teething necklace. (Here is one of his rollovers after his bath.)

~ Barry likes to visit me with the children while I shower or brush my teeth. I saw Avery's sweet head peek over the shower curtain when she was just days old.....and Henry is no different. Here he is peeking at me tonight while I lotioned my face.

~ I have been on a mission this week to sell enough junk in my house to have $150 cash for Divine Consign next weekend. Remember when I went to the spring sale and scored major loot for Avery? We're having a last minute garage sale Saturday. I only need $55 more dollars as of 9:57PM tonight. I think I'm gonna do it.

~ My Dad and I are having a texting conversation tonight about how Avery and Henry need the kitty that showed up on his doorstep. Apparently it likes to watch football. Not gonna happen Dad! I'll go to great lengths to rescue a kitty, but it can't live with me!

~ Sweet Henry is a thumb sucker...I love it because he can put himself back to sleep at night!

~ Barry has a couple of exciting possibilities in the pipeline at work. Please add him to your prayer list!

Goodnight loyal blog readers.
If you have a blog of your own, leave a comment with a link to your "Life in Bullets!"
I would love to read about you.



lsprad said...

I am seriously laughing OUT loud!! This was awesome!! Thanks for joining in--we MUST do this more often!!

JB and Cindy said...

Thanks for always letting me count on you for a good late night laugh :) I'm reading these out loud to JB so he can understand what all my laughter is about ;)

Whittney said...

I'm so happy I make you girls laugh with the happenings around this house!

Anonymous said...

ya know it could be considered an
extended,long term, rescue mission!!!

Whittney said...